This project included the widening of approximately 2.9 miles of Interstate 40 from west of S.R. 186 to east of S.R. 5 in Madison County, Tennessee. This project also included the reconstruction of the S.R. 186 (U.S. 45 Bypass) interchange at I-40, the conversion of the S.R. 5 (North Highland Avenue) interchange at I-40 from a cloverleaf interchange to a single-point, urban interchange (SPUI), and the S.R. 186 (U.S. 45 Bypass) intersection at Casey Jones Village. Highlights of this project included clearing and grubbing, 319,000 cubic yards of excavation, drainage and box culvert work, 2 bridges and 16 retaining walls, lighting, traffic signals, ITS, concrete paved ramps, approximately 253,000 tons of base stone and approximately 133,000 tons of asphalt paving. The bridge construction for this project included the new, 12-lane U.S. 45 Bypass bridge over I-40 and the new, 6-lane I-40 bridge over North Highland Avenue. During the erection of the steel girders and placement of the bridge decks, temporary, short term lane closures and lane shifts were utilized to ensure the safety of the public and construction crews, and to minimize the interruption to traffic flow.

Widening of Interstate 40, Jackson TN

Owner: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Location: Jackson, Madison Co., TN

Engineer: Gresham, Smith and Partners/TDOT

Project Completion Date: June 30, 2021