This project includes two slide repairs and improvements to approximately 0.5 miles of S.R. 56 in Grundy County, Tennessee. Highlights of this project include clearing and grubbing, installation and removal of 2 haul roads to allow for access to the slide repair areas, drainage work, 2 retaining walls, base stone and asphalt paving. Two retaining walls, a 545’ long wall and a 365’ long wall, are to be built to remediate the slide repair areas and stabilize the roadway. The anchored soldier pile walls consist of approximately 4,430 LF of cored drilled piles holes in soil and rock, 865,000 pounds of structural steel piles and walers, 1,140 CY of pile foundation concrete, 9,900 LF of grouted tie-back anchors, and 400 CY of fascia concrete. The repairs on S.R. 56 will provide a safe and stable roadway for the traveling public.

S.R. 56 Slide Repairs

Owner: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Location:Beersheba Springs, Grundy Co., TN

Engineer: Alfred Benesch & Company

Projected Completion Date: April 30, 2022