This project included the construction of approximately 2.6 miles of I-269 from the Mississippi State line to S.R. 385 in Shelby and Fayette counties Tennessee. Interstate 269 is the designation for the 60 mile outer beltway around Memphis, beginning near Millington, TN and extending to Interstate 55 near Hernando, MS, with approximately 35 miles in Tennessee, and 25 miles in Mississippi. This project completed the Tennessee portion of I-269. Highlights of this project included, clearing and grubbing approximately 80 acres, placement of approximately 1,350,000 cubic yards of embankment material, bridge and retaining wall construction, concrete paved ramps, and final asphalt paving of the entire 2.6 mile project. The bridge construction for this project included 5 new bridges.  Three of the five new bridges were constructed over active, high traffic volume roadways. During the erection of the beams and placement of the bridge decks, temporary, short term lane closures and lane shifts were utilized to ensure the safety of the public and construction crews, and to minimize the interruption to traffic flow.


Interstate 269

Owner: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Location: Memphis, Fayette and Shelby Co., TN

Engineer: Smith Seckman Reid, Inc./TDOT